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Robert Francis » Leslie Stevens “Falling In A Deep Dark Hole”

Drove up a super windy road in the hills of LA, pine trees everywhere in the neighborhood… whenever you’re in the mountains of LA you always forget for a minute that you are actually in LA. The room where we shot this episode was very cool, huge rows upon rows of records and liner notes, instruments everywhere, guitars mixed with vintage furniture made it seem like quite a fun place to hang and hear some music.
The pup was running around most of the time but never seemed to be too far from Robert at any point and settled in for the song…
feel like they know when something soulful and good is coming, pick up on the cues.
I really loved the pacing of the song and the simple use of the kick and hi-hat, a nod to the way Leslie performs it.
Robert’s voice really brought you into the vibe as a quiet, understated but knowing conversation with one loved, and a call and response with his guitar filling in the spaces between the words in a way that seemed to echo their message.
Amazing song choices are something we never end being wonderfully astounded by with artists in the project.
Maybe it’s because we’re always listening with new ears in this context,
and of course everyone’s take away their own connections and thoughts but mine were hearing about the power of being with another,
in person or in spirit, a ‘we’ instead of a ‘me’ and the transformational beauty that can bring even in the deepest darkest of holes, and reminded me beautifully of something we’ve said enough times in this project that it’s almost become a mantra, that we’re all in this together.

The Voice Project: Cillie Barnes > Dawes “Million Dollar Bill”

The Voice Project – Amplify Peace
Women’s groups in Uganda have been using songs passed by word of mouth and on the radio to call former soldiers back home, and artists around the world are helping to carry their message of peace through songs as well. A peace movement is an incredible thing, people coming together, mobilizing like an army, and in this case armed not with guns but with songs and something more powerful than than any bullet; compassion, the strength of human will, and determination.

Voice Project episode we shot of Brett Dennen covering Citizen Cope’s “Healing hands”

LA Ladies Choir » Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

The Voice Project – Uganda Photos
The Voice Project: O+S » Sean Na Na “Third Life”
Here’s a new Voice Project episode we shot at the Roosevelt Hotel a few weeks ago.

THE VOICE PROJECT – Maria Taylor » O+S

Here the latest Voice Project Video we shot at the Roosevelt Hotel. Visit VOICEPROJECT.ORG for all videos and info

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